What happen to the time of Ali fights? It seems almost vaudevillian now...unlike the time of Ali....Are you just jumping rope? No dance that you do?

Mayweather does not show you any footwork...why? ...because there is only upper body speed and his defense is impeccable, yet if he finds a person that can switch feet, then he is going to be done...remember I said you remember MAYWEATHER showing you legwork?...he automatically runs to the side he is used to.

Ali is questionable - he used to take hits.   Just like Mayweather's lower body, where Ali's lower body is unquestionable it's like he is dancing almost, that's why he could fight these guys like that! His showmanship was unmatched, the Art of Boxing,

  Where Ali is not getting hit at all, Mayweather is docking and dodging and taking small shots or heavy shots in certain occasions, he is more blow for blow. Where Ali is barely getting hit at all, his opponents get aggravated like that, but in Mayweather they get aggravated because they can't get him, but his upper body defense is impecabble, where Ali is getting hit...when he got hit he got hit hard...Mayweather is blocking...upper body defense unmatched, but not upper body defense that wins a fight; its upper body offense and lower body defensive its the art of boxing...the dancing, it must include showmanship...must . be appealing to the crowd. Ali is great why? showmanship, grace, because ultimately what a true champion is about and especially a world champion is showmanship, and that is what a hero is understand, because a villain can never be a hero. and a hero is the true champion.

there is footwork, but it's all defensive...

Porter wins the battle!

Footwork movement

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